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34 - Safe Passage

July 11, 2021

Summer's here, and it's finally safe-ish to go outside and enjoy life, right? THINK AGAIN. It turns out, 2/3rd of the Earth is covered in humanity's oldest foe: WATER. We here at Indoor Recess would like to take this opportunity to teach you how to settle the score against this soggy menace.

Jeff reveals he comes from a dying planet, and Beeks is very sore owwww please have mercy if you don't like this episode.

NOTE: Skip to 16:38 if you don't want to hear about surgery talk (nothing super gross, but still) or pet talk (bummer).

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The List

Safe Passage, courtesy of the US Army Corp of Engineers' Water Safety YouTube channel

The official Safe Passage activity sheet! Who needs lakeside fun when you have a word search?

Break music provided by The Surfrajettes and their swingin' surf rock cover of Toxic.

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